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Campagne SMS Marketing & Push

SMS marketing is the communication tool that allows you to reach your customers massively and directly on their phones.

SMS marketing is very efficient with an exceptional opening rate and a very low number of unread messages. Indeed, SMS messages are read in a very short time after they are received. And the rate of consumption of in-store benefits varies between 5% and 30% (depending also on the benefit itself). Simple and effective to reach your target customers and encourage them to come to your shop or event.

Carry out your SMS marketing strategy with ease thanks to your simple, ergonomic and 100% online administration space. Available from any mobile or desktop browser.

Attract customers and boost your sales with an SMS marketing campaign! This is also an opportunity for you to increase attendance at your events, inform your customers when you organise sales, ensure increased visits in-store or online, or build customer loyalty by sending them personalised promotional SMS messages.

Write your communication by SMS

Write your SMS message clearly and concisely, describing the benefit offered to the customer and personalising the sender of the SMS.

You have the possibility to enrich the content of your SMS messages by integrating a short link to one of the registration or participation forms, or to the customer's advantage ticket. It will present the advantage to the customer in more detail and in line with your brand image. You can of course also insert an unsubscribtion link.

Create SMS templates, duplicate them and gain productivity for your next campaigns!

Target your customers when sending mass SMS messages

Target your customers with specific segments based on their geolocation, the shop, their interests or their behaviour relative to previous benefit mailings.

Test your SMS communication

Send yourself tests before mass sending to check the spelling and grammar of your SMS texts and its translations.

Send immediately or schedule the sending of your SMS on the desired date (rate of about 500 SMS per minute), the sending of SMS is almost instantaneous!

Avoid sending a mass SMS on weekends or during the week before 10:00 in the morning or after 19:00 in the evening.

Analyse the results of your SMS campaigns

After sending your SMS messages, analyse the statistics of your SMS marketing strategy: messages received and not received, click rate on your advantages and links, invalid numbers and unsubscriptions, advantages sent and those consumed in shop, etc ...