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SMS marketing database

Customer registration form for your SMS marketing database

Create multiple registration and participation forms and landing pages for acquiring customers in your database and getting their opt-in for SMS communications so you can send them benefits. Our administration area is easy to use, ergonomic and available from your mobile browser.

Personalise your registration forms to your image (background, header, footer), write your texts and translations. You can also personalise the form fields according to your needs: "Address", "E-mail", "Name", "City", etc... and activate sponsorship mechanisms (sharing on social networks) or security mechanisms (access restricted to registered users).

Create form templates, duplicate them and gain productivity for your next campaigns!

Importing customer files into your SMS marketing database

You can easily import your customer files in Excel, CSV or txt format using the administration area of your account, or add them manually one by one in your administration area.

Unsubscription and data cleansing

Unsubscription is automatically managed with a simple link displayed in several locations highly visible to customers :
- At the bottom of the registration form
- As a short link in SMS communications
- At the bottom of each customer's ticket
Unsubscription can also be managed manually via your administration area. You can also define your own retention period (in days) for your customer data.

The database is automatically cleaned (unsuccessful, unsubscribed, inactive, etc...) and deduplicated. Define your privacy and data retention policy (deadlines, conditions, etc...).

Segmentation and criteria of your SMS marketing database

Your administration area allows you to configure as many customer criteria as you wish (e.g. Address, Region, Interest, etc...). You can also configure your own customer segmentation (e.g. VIP Member, Standard Member). These criteria and segmentations will be automatically populated when customers register or participate on your forms and landing page. You will of course be able to use them when targeting your mass SMS campaigns.

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