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Drive2Store by SMS

The Drive2Store consists in inciting your customers to go to a shop, restaurant, sales outlet or event in the short term, in order to boost your results. In the case of SMS marketing, the Drive2Store aims to transform a web user into a physical customer in your shop. Our SMS messages contain short links that redirect each customer to the registration form or to his ticket (promotional advantage, identification pass, gift card, etc...) or to any other mobile site of your choice.

A clear and concise SMS and digital benefits in your image

An SMS must be clear, concise and effective in 159 characters (to fit into 1 SMS). However, you can add as much content as you like to your tickets and personalise them to reflect your brand image. Offer innovative marketing content in your acquisition or loyalty campaigns by integrating a short personalised link in your SMS to your mini mobile site or to a personalised advantage ticket with customer information and your brand image.

Provide additional content to your future customers and generate action from them through your rich SMS. Innovate and differentiate yourself from your competitors by perfectly adapting your message to your brand image in order to instantly optimise the performance of your SMS marketing strategy.

Create your digital promotional benefits and personalise your communication when sending mass SMS messages.

You can send a mass SMS to all your customers to give them an advantage (discount, gift voucher, gift card, promotional offer, identification pass). The SMS contains a short link to the personalised ticket for each offer and for each member. The ticket presents your offer, service or event by inviting them to go to the shop or checkout.

Encourage customers to visit your shop

Customers will then have to go to the shop, to the checkout or to your event with their ticket (gift voucher, identification pass, gift card) to have it scanned using our web application or mobile application (iOS/Android). Scanning the ticket enables the cash desks or shops to check the validity of the tickets (expiry date, period of validity, number of uses, balance, etc...) in order to give customers their advantage in case of validation. Ticket scanning also and above all allows you to monitor the performance and results of your marketing or event strategy in real time.

It is often preferable to have an interesting promotional offer to attract the customer to the shop.

Easy to use and secure coupons, tickets and digital benefits

Our tickets are personalised in your image and contain unique and secure QR codes to allow the scanner to check their validity and track the performance of your SMS marketing strategy. You can also add your own promotional codes (QR Code or EAN barcodes) which will allow your shops or checkouts to track the consumption of benefits as well.

When sending mass SMS messages, you can target members who are geolocated near your shops according to their postcode, the shop's postcode and your desired targeting. You can also target members matching any other behavioural criteria or from your marketing database.

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