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Digital Coupons & Tickets

Digital coupons (tickets) allow you to give your customers an advantage in order to encourage them to go to the shop, or to give them an identification pass for the real-time monitoring and organisation of your event. These digital tickets are available on your customers' mobile browser (and without any mobile application download) and also allow you to inform them of your promotional offers, events and the validity of their benefits.

Digital advantages in your image and enriched

You can create different types of digital coupons (tickets): gift voucher, discount voucher, gift card, identification pass, promotional code, etc...

You can also design your own coupons, use your own logo, brand, texts, illustrations and translations. You can also use our automatically generated QR codes, your own promotional codes or EAN barcodes. Creating tickets is quick and easy.

Create models of coupons (tickets), duplicate them and gain in productivity for your next campaigns!

Mass send your digital tickets and coupons by SMS

Digital coupons can be sent to your customers:

  • Either when registering your customers on your registration forms and various landing pages configured in the administration area

  • Or by mass SMS to all or some of your customers at any time

  • Or manually via the administration area

You can send SMS messages with short URLs inserted in its content and linked to customers' digital coupons (tickets). The ticket opens in the web browser of the recipient smartphone and each SMS sent contains a unique URL. The mobile coupon can be redeemed immediately or saved for later.

The consumption of gift cards, identification passes, coupons and digital tickets is securely controlled and monitored in real time!

Customers simply need to present their ticket at the cash desks, in the shop or at the entrance of the event and without any application download on their mobile !.

Use the scanner and follow in real time the number of people present at your event site! This way, you can control your gauge, while making it easier for your teams in the field to monitor several hundreds or thousands of participants!

Different scanning modes are provided, without any special training:

  • Scanning by shops or cash registers using the online scanner present in the administration area or via the scanning application present on the iOS and Android Appstores.

  • Self-scanning of customers using their mobile phone's camera, with the QR Code present on web tickets and paper poster printing.

  • Manual ticket scanning via the administration area

Follow the number of tickets sent, scanned, in real-time!

Easy to use, you easily avoid fraud: green is OK, red is NO. You can customise and configure your own errors, messages and response colours, depending on how many times you use the ticket.