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We know that the wheel is spinning. But how can we make it turn in your favor?

Create your Club, develop and take care of your community

The 4 keys to success

Contests, social network campaigns or in-store multimedia kiosks; attract new members in simple but effective ways.

A chain of shops organizes a draw. Broadcast on Facebook, Instagram and in stores, the contest simply involves registering on the Club page. The viral effect is guaranteed by the lever of godparenthood and reward.

Stimulate your members with SMS campaigns coupled with benefits sent directly to their mobile phones. Ultra reactive, our SMS targeting solution allows you to reach all or part of your community in record time

A leisure park, dependent on the weather, learns that it will rain in the coming week. It activates its community within a radius of x kilometers by SMS by offering a discount valid only for a limited time


Following the validation of the ticket with the free scanner application, analyze the performance, evaluate the offer made to customers and the sharing rate.

By scanning the voucher when at the visit in the shop or when the code is entered on the online site, we collect conversion statistics. They allow you to have indices of interest and customer satisfaction accessible on your dashboard.


The customer, your ambassador! Encourage the sharing of the club with family and friends and reward them.

Immediately after registering for the club, converting at the shop or entering the advantage code on the web, reward the customer with a voucher for his next visit or other activity.

Multi-national, SME, family or independent company, we are at your side.
With experience, failures and successes, the ID Mobile team supervises each actor in this community.

Nestlé Shop Privilege in a few figures

sms email

SMS opening rate

The SMS opening rate is 98% compared to 22% for emails.

Number of Members

In less than 10 months, the number of Nestlé Shop Privilège members has grown from zero to nearly 15,000.
61% 39%

Woman - Man

Gender distribution and demographic data available for each participant.


More than 17% of participants regularly share their offers with their friends and family.

Conversion Rate

The average conversion rate exceeds 22% across all campaigns.


The unsubscription rate has remained extremely low since the beginning of the project.

The 4 phases of the process described in detail:

Fonctionnement de Club Privilège

Register, first advantage and share

1. New members are recruited through contests with a draw among the registered or by offering interesting vouchers. In the store, advertised with flyers and through online campaigns (Facebook, website, etc.) a contest can quickly expand the base of the club. With each registration, the new member automatically receives a first benefit directly on his mobile phone. He is also encouraged to share, as each newly registered member brings an additional benefit.

My first offer

2. The benefit received during registration or referrals leads to the first in-store conversion. Simply present the QR Code and the cash register can simply validate the benefit using a smartphone and the IDTicketing Scanner App. After each benefit consumed, the member automatically receives an SMS proposing to him to share the current offer in order to make his friends benefit and receive his counterparts.


3. The leading direct marketing medium in Switzerland, the SMS is one of the closest means of communication to the consumer. Unlike social networks, an sms can only be ignored with difficulty and enjoys a higher status of trust with the user. All offers sent with Club Privilège use SMS technology. Your offers thus benefit from a maximum penetration rate among your community and the chances of conversions are increased. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


4. any user who receives an offer becomes a potential marketer. Club Privilège offers sponsorship services that are integrated directly into your SMS messages. The user is rewarded for recommending an action to others and thus the distribution of an offer can be multiplied.

These companies have already developed their community

Helsana 2023-04-03 2024-07-17 Helsana CH Suisse Helsana Helsana 0 CHF 2023-04-03 2024-07-17 2023-04-03 Helsana 5 5

Club Privilège - Helsana

IDTicketing Club Privilege event
FC Lausanne-Sport 2022-11-01 2024-07-17 FC Lausanne-Sport CH LS Vaud Foot SA, Stade de la Tuilière, Rte de Romanel 10, 1018 Lausanne FC Lausanne-Sport FC Lausanne-Sport 0 CHF 2022-11-01 2024-07-17 2022-11-01 FC Lausanne-Sport 5 5

Club Privilège - FC Lausanne-Sport

IDTicketing Club Privilege event
mon Velâdzo 2022-03-28 2024-07-17 mon Velâdzo CH mon Veâdzo, Bulle mon Velâdzo mon Velâdzo 0 CHF 2022-03-28 2024-07-17 2022-03-28 mon Velâdzo 5 5

mon Velâdzo

Join the mon Velâdzo community and enjoy exclusive offers and benefits throughout the year.
Good luck!

2022-01-24 2024-07-17 CH 0 CHF 2022-01-24 2024-07-17 2022-01-24 5 5

Privilege Club Squash, Badminton and Padel

Exceptional offer ! Join the OLIVER/DROP SHOT club and get 20% and 35% off on Padel, Squash and Badminton equipment.

MyCMA Club 2019-11-14 2024-07-17 MyCMA Club CH Crans Montana MyCMA Club MyCMA Club 0 CHF 2019-11-14 2024-07-17 2019-11-14 MyCMA Club 5 5

My CMA Club

The Privilege Club of Crans-Montana. Sports activities in winter and summer, events, gastronomy, walks no happening will escape you!

W-Collect 2019-04-24 2024-07-17 W-Collect CH Wuerenlos W-Collect W-Collect 0 CHF 2019-04-24 2024-07-17 2019-04-24 W-Collect 5 5


Join the W-Collect Privilege Club and benefit from numerous advantages and exclusive discounts!

Smart stop. Fresh shopping.


What they think of us :
In terms of dynamism, flexibility and commitment an absolute exceptional team. The cooperation was characterized by a very good understanding and anticipation of our business and, at the same time, an exceptionally high level of creativity and motivation. Thanks to ID Mobile, we have managed to set up a tool tailored to our needs within a very short time, with which we celebrate great success today!
The use of current technologies has enabled us to build a privileged customer base, which regularly receives SMS offers for redemption in our branches. Thanks to their responsiveness, business acumen and good control of end-to-end processes, we created a new tool in record time and within budget. It is flexible and efficient in interacting with our consumers and their friends. Working together is a real pleasure!
Certification ISO 27001

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