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FunPlanet FunPlanet https://schema.org/MixedEventAttendanceMode https://schema.org/EventScheduled 2019-04-24 2024-06-24 FunPlanet CH Villeneuve FunPlanet FunPlanet 0 CHF 2019-04-24 2024-06-24 2019-04-24 5 5
FunPlanet Club Privilège

FunPlanet Club Privilège

Sign up now to receive your first Welcome Benefit and try to win cool events for you and your friends: 

  • One gokart session with up to 15 friends worth CHF 350.-
    Congratulations to Tatiana D. de Begnins who wins the private gokart session
  • One hour of bowling (up to 10 people) worth CHF 110.-
  • 10x Playcards for CHF 30.-

Currently, get a chance to win many benefits by playing the FunPlanet lottery

Good luck and let yourself be surprised by futur exclusive FunPlanet Club Privilege offers!

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