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Crans Montana Crans Montana https://schema.org/MixedEventAttendanceMode https://schema.org/EventScheduled 2021-12-14 2022-12-31 Crans Montana CH Crans Montana Crans Montana Crans Montana 0 CHF 2021-12-14 2022-01-31 2021-12-14 5 5
Pack 365 Xtreme

Pack 365 Xtreme

Take advantage of an exceptional 30% offer on the 365 Xtreme Pack by Discover-Pass by joining the CMA - HES-SO Privilege Club.

We are pleased to offer you the Pack 365 Xtreme with more than CHF 10'000.00 of advantages in Switzerland!

In Crans-Montana, you can take advantage of ski days at friendly prices, a free fondue at the Plaine-Morte but also field hockey matches in Sierre, Fribourg-Gottéron, Lausanne or soccer and many other surprises during a whole year.

Discover the list of all the activities

It's very simple, fill in the form below, and you will receive your code by SMS with the link to buy the 365 Xtreme pack for CHF 58.80 instead of 84.00

Have fun!

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