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Lausanne Sport Lausanne Sport https://schema.org/MixedEventAttendanceMode https://schema.org/EventScheduled 2022-11-01 2024-07-17 Lausanne Sport CH LS Vaud Foot SA, Stade de la Tuilière, Rte de Romanel 10, 1018 Lausanne Lausanne Sport Lausanne Sport 0 CHF 2022-11-01 2024-07-17 2022-11-01 5 5
Club Privilège - FC Lausanne-Sport

Club Privilège - FC Lausanne-Sport

Sign up now for the LS Privilege Club and receive great benefits. The concept is simple, the club sends you, by sms, offers that are specially dedicated to you. There is no cost to you, no obligation to buy anything, you can refer friends so that they can benefit from the advantages or you can unsubscribe at any time.

We look forward to seeing you at the Tuilière Stadium!


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